What’s new at Petersons?

By JOE DUNCAN, Associated Press The Petersons petting zoo has reopened after more than a year of being closed to the public.

Owner Bill Petersons said the petting zoos were closed because of a virus outbreak that killed hundreds of animals.

Petersons said he hoped the pandemic would help pet owners who are suffering financially and mentally.

Peterson said the pandemics’ effects were felt in every aspect of the pet industry, but most of the animals who have been killed are pets.

The zoo was reopened on Friday because the pandimatic disease has been contained, he said.

Petersons said it is a sad day when we are unable to care for our animals because of an outbreak.

“I am extremely sad for the families of the pets,” he said in a statement.

He said that while some of the dead pets were the pets of pet lovers, others were of pets who had fallen ill with the pandoravirus.

Many of the dogs have since been released from their quarantine, Petersons added.

The petting park at 809 NW 16th St. in Portland was closed in July and reopened in late July.

Peterson said he believes that pet owners can now relax because the virus has been controlled.