Rags consignments to go on sale to meet growing demand for their products

New Zealanders are going on the hunt for new clothes, with consignment shops such as Rag &Gar, Rag &garden and Rag &ammergarden now opening up.

The Australian retailer is launching consignment outlets to sell items including clothes, shoes, accessories, accessories and bedding.

The outlets will be located in malls across New Zealand, with customers looking to buy items that are currently out of stock.

Consignment shop owner Tim Jones said the outlets were aimed at people looking for new products and not just clothes.

“We’re looking for a little bit of everything that we can,” Mr Jones said.

“It’s just a way for people to go and try a couple of new things and also just get a little taste of what we can do.”

Consignment shops will be open seven days a week, with a limited number of items on offer.

There are currently three Rag & Ammergang outlets, with more to be opened over the coming months.

Rags consigning manager Matt Tullis said he hoped the consignment business would bring more people into the fashion industry.

“A lot of people will just be looking for something that’s a bit different to what they’re used to and they can come into the shop and try it out,” he said.