‘Walking Dead’ cast members in ‘Saw’ costumes are not as bad as they thought

By now, you probably know that the Walking Dead cast has been wearing some seriously weird costumes this season, which has left fans in a bit of a tizzy.

After all, you’re not supposed to see a zombie as a human.

So what are the real facts?

Well, some fans are speculating that these costumes were meant to be funny.

“The Walking Dead” fans have been pointing to the show’s costumes as being a bit silly, since they’re designed to make them look like zombies.

That’s understandable because, when you’re standing in a zombie apocalypse and everyone’s dead, it’s not really fun to be a zombie.

(That’s a very real and understandable reaction for a lot of people.)

And so, to make things even more ridiculous, the show has been posting photos of its actors wearing some of the weirdest, most ridiculous costumes on its social media accounts, like this one of the show and Scott Gimple, playing a zombie and wearing some sort of wimpy costume:The actor has also been posting images of himself wearing a very silly mask that’s reminiscent of the ones used by a lot the zombie-hunting, zombie-eating monsters in the show.

So, what is the real truth behind these strange costumes?

Well… it turns out that they’re not all that bad, actually.

If anything, they’re a bit funny, and the fact that the show is making fun of them seems to have helped the trend spread.

In fact, some people have speculated that it’s a sort of response to the zombie apocalypse, and are starting to look more and more like the zombies themselves, instead of the people who are wearing them.

“Walking Black Dead” cast member Matt LeBlanc tweeted the following:It’s true that the cast is not supposed the be wearing the most ridiculous outfits on the show, but, when asked by EW about the costumes, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd said, “You’re not going to find one of these on the street that isn’t funny.”

And as for the fact it’s just a joke, Hurd added, “We’re trying to make sure we’re having fun with the fans.”

She went on to explain that the characters in the costume are not in the same league as some of their more popular, more popular-type characters.

They’re not dressed like they are the “heroes of the apocalypse” and are doing what they need to do in the zombie world.

In the same way, there’s no real way for the characters to be making fun out of themselves.

Hurd also talked about how the costume is supposed to reflect the world that the actors are living in, so that when the cameras are rolling, they can see what’s going on in the world around them.

And then, as Hurd noted, when people see the characters dressed in that way, it really makes them want to be part of the world.

The characters are also given very unique hairstyles and facial features, which helps to keep the audience engaged.

Of course, the costume has caused some controversy.

On Twitter, some users have pointed out that the costume seems to reflect some of that world’s more disturbing elements, like a sense of violence and fear, which is not really what the characters are trying to show us in the series.

“It’s all about the people, the zombies, the apocalypse, it doesn’t have anything to do with zombies,” one person wrote.

But, as for others, they don’t think that the costumes are as much of a problem as they seem.

“As long as the costumes aren’t a problem, I think it’s okay,” one tweeter said.

“We know how these things work.”

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