‘Consignment brookslyn’ consignment opens on Thursday, December 6

Brookslyn, Delaware has officially opened up its consignment business to the public on Thursday for the first time in decades.

The Brooks-based consignment brokerage, which is now open 24 hours a day, is the latest business to be opened by the county’s growing number of tech-centric entrepreneurs, many of whom are looking to capitalize on the growing tech sector in the county.

As a result, Brooks City Councilwoman Jessica Williams has started a Facebook page called BrooksTechBiz to encourage local tech companies to open their doors in the town.

It has received over 4,000 likes in less than two days and garnered attention from several local and national media outlets, including ABC7 and WJLA.

The county has more than 100 companies that sell everything from software to furniture, and many of the businesses are struggling financially.

Brooks TechBiz is hoping to fill a void for the businesses in the region.

“We are excited to have this new opportunity to bring our products to a new market, a new community, a growing community and a community that is very dependent on technology,” said Joe Stiles, vice president of operations for Brooks TechnologyBiz.

Stiles said his business is not the only one opening up.

The county also recently opened up an office in the Brooklyn borough of New York, and the Brooklyn Nets franchise is opening a tech center there.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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