RTE news: Designer consignment stores are being sold off

RTE News ( RTE ) – The UK’s designer consignment shops are being shut down in a bid to save the jobs of staff who are on the verge of quitting, a senior Government source has told RTE.

In an exclusive interview with RTE, the source said there are fears of staff being forced to work for low wages and conditions in the UK’s biggest designer consignments.RTE has been told by the source that in a few months there will be at least four to five stores on the market selling designer goods, but not all of them are being bought.

This could see a lot of staff having to work elsewhere, the senior source said.

This will leave the Government to make the final call on the closures and will decide on whether to sell the shops outright or put them on a shelf in a warehouse, where they will continue to sell designer goods.

The source, who is responsible for the department of trade and industry, said he was confident that all staff would be able to keep their jobs in the new shop, but that he was “shocked” that some staff had already been let go.

“We know there are some people who are working for us who are still here, who are making £40,000 a year,” he said.

“That is not enough to live on.

There is no way that we can run a business, we are not going to have that luxury of a life.”

The Government wants to save jobs and it is not doing that.

There will be people that are leaving but they are not all going to be gone, some of them will be working for the government in a new way, they will be paid a higher wage, or have a higher position.

“If there is no job for them then they will go elsewhere.

They are not leaving because they are making too much.

They do not want to be working on the streets.”

In the meantime, the Government is also trying to convince businesses to stay open by using social media to remind people about the job losses.

The Government’s strategy for saving designer consigned goods was announced in May after an inquest found that more than 200 staff had been laid off in the past year.

The Government is trying to persuade businesses to continue to be open, but has faced criticism from some retailers who believe the Government should be focusing on saving jobs.

The UK is one of the most expensive countries in the world for producing designer goods and the government is spending billions of pounds on a plan to save more than 5,000 jobs by 2019.

The Cabinet Office said that since the Government’s policy announcement in May, the number of designers on consignment has dropped by about 50 per cent.

“A number of people have said, ‘We want to stay in the business but it’s hard because the job is gone’,” the Cabinet Office source said, “But we are trying to encourage businesses to keep doing the job and they have done that.”