How to spot a classy gift for a classy lover

CONSIGNMENT: LESTER BROOKS/THE TIMESA classy, hand-carved wooden carving that’s the size of a house, decorated with dozens of flowers, flowers in a circle and a crown, sits on a wooden bench in a storage shed in a house on West Main Street in the East Windsor suburb of Windsor.

The owner, Lester Brooks, says he made it with just a few tools, mostly wood from his kitchen.

It was bought last fall for $10,000, but the seller wants to sell it for $16,000.

The wooden carving is the work of the artist and designer Lesley Brooks.

Brooks, who is married with two daughters, says the work has a very romantic feel to it.

“It’s very modern and very simple,” she said.

The painting, which Brooks bought for $8,000 at a local art auction, was made of the same piece of wood she made for her wedding gift to her husband, who died in 2013.

Brooks says she’s sold hundreds of these pieces of wood in her lifetime, but she keeps coming up with new ones.

“I just find it’s a really great, beautiful piece of art that I think people will love and want to have,” she says.

She says her wife and daughters had the carving while they were living in Colorado, but it was stolen in New Jersey last summer.

She says she doesn’t want to see it go back to her.

She and Brooks had to move their house and move to Colorado to get the wood back.

Brooks is also making a gift for her late husband’s family, who will get it in January.

“I’m really happy to have this piece back.

I’ve always wanted to give something back, and I’ve been blessed with this piece of furniture, and this is just something I’ve wanted to share with my family,” she explains.

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