‘It’s all about the money’: Consignment of stolen wedding rings reveals hidden wealth among thieves

A series of consignment rings stolen from a wedding in Melbourne’s north-west have revealed a wealth of wealth hidden in a variety of jewellery, the consignment was revealed by police to be worth $1 million.

The ring, which police have been searching for for nearly a year, was bought for $1.8 million in the city in August, when the bride and groom had been married.

Police were called to the property in August last year to investigate a possible breach of the marriage contract, after it was reported that the ring was stolen.

During their investigation, police discovered that the property had been sold to an overseas buyer in April.

It was reported the buyer had paid $1,500 for the ring and it was sold to a family friend in the US.

On the same day, the bride was also sold a ring that had been stolen from her by a jeweller in New York City.

After a forensic examination of the rings, police were able to confirm they had been bought by the same buyer, who paid $5,000 for them.

“This is a case of a wealthy couple getting their money stolen and it’s all down to the jewellery,” Detective Inspector Paul Tippett, of the Melbourne Police, said.

A search of the property by detectives led them to the wife and her family who had purchased the ring from the overseas buyer.

Detective Inspector Tippette said the jewellers family had made a deal with the bride’s family, and that the family would pay $1million for the rings.

When detectives questioned the bride about the jewelling details, she revealed the ring had been purchased in the same month the ring has been found.

She said she was not aware of the buyer’s name or the ring’s sale.

They then found out that the jeweller’s family was the same family that had purchased and sold the ring to the bride.

Investigators have been unable to determine the value of the ring, but Detective Inspector Tittette said it was not a very high amount.

He said the ring would be “very valuable” to them and would not be used for any criminal activity.


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