Female consignment store owners ‘worrying’ over female shoppers’ access

Female consigners are worried that they won’t be able to shop with a male consignment owner, while consignment stores and retailers are being forced to hire more female workers in order to attract and retain women.

“It’s a huge concern for us,” said Victoria Coates, owner of Victoria’s Maternity Consignment and Women’s Shop in Seattle.

“It’s just so hard for us.”

Coates has worked at Victoria’s consignments shop for 18 years and is not surprised that there are more women than men at the shop.

She says she is now working with her staff to try and get more women into the store.

“We have a lot of female employees, but we still have a very limited amount of women on staff right now,” Coates said.

“I feel like this is the most important thing we can do, and it’s not about gender, it’s about getting more women in.”

I just feel like the bigger we get the more we can get them to buy clothes for themselves, to have a home life.

“In response to the shortage, Victoria’s owners are offering the store a free consignment item.

Victoria’s Mature Clothing store, which was founded in 2008, opened its doors on Sunday to the public and has been selling consignment clothing since March 2016.

Coates says it’s the first time she’s seen an online consignment business open its doors to the general public.

She says it is a huge challenge to have women come in and buy clothes online.”

For a consignment company to open up to the world is very, very hard,” Coles said.”

When we opened up, it was just me and two other women and one male.

“Coles said the store is hoping to find ways to increase the number of women in the store, but has not decided on a specific strategy.

She also says the store will continue to be open to women, even though it will not be open daily.”

Our goal is to have more women coming in and shopping,” Coes said.