Watchdog finds out how many consignments online have been lost, damaged or stolen

WATCHDOHA, Jordan — A Jordanian government watchdog says it has found that more than 2,500 consignations have been stolen online and that more consigns have been damaged or destroyed than were listed in consignment stores.

The Interior Ministry says the online auctions for consignment dresses, shoes, clothing and jewelry have been seized in recent months.

The ministry says the consignment sites were raided on Dec. 4 and Dec. 17, and the suspects have been arrested.

The ministry says that the suspected culprits used a bot to sell online consignings that were not registered with the Ministry of Finance.

The sites are monitored by the Ministry’s online auction protection service.

The consignment auctions were organized by the consignors who bought consignment dress, shoes and jewelry online and sold them at consignment consignment outlets.

The website owners are not named.