Couple with $10K wedding cake, $20K wedding dress, $30K wedding rings in storage, in Hawaii

A couple with a combined $10,000 wedding cake and $20,000 in wedding bracelets and rings is taking advantage of an exemption in Hawaii’s consignment store rules for those who want to buy goods they can’t sell.

Karen and Joe Gaffney say they are taking advantage because they are getting married this month and their wedding jewelry is already in the store.

The couple bought the rings and wedding bracelet with money they saved when they moved to Honolulu two years ago.

They say they bought them at a consignment shop that has a $20 discount on wedding items, and that was when they first bought them.

They said they were not expecting a big haul in the consignment business, but they expected to get lucky.

“It was a really exciting moment because it was so exciting for us and we wanted to share that experience with the people in our life,” said Karen.

They are now in the process of putting the wedding ring on display in their home and are planning to donate the wedding jewelry to charity.

They also plan to make a matching bracelet for their friends and family.

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