When you think your furniture consignment can be a great deal, think again: It might not be the best deal

When you’re looking for a new piece of furniture, it’s important to be sure that it meets your needs, says Liz Parnell, the senior manager at Furniture.com.

“When you are shopping for furniture consignments, it is very important that you are able to compare prices and the quality of the items,” she says.

“If you are looking for something that is going to last forever and it is going into a home, that might not really be a good deal.”

The good news is that it is possible to get an honest appraisal of the value of your furniture.

To get started, Parnells suggests you look at the size of the home or apartment, the type of furnishings you want to get rid of, the price range, the size and type of accessories, and whether you would like to get your own furniture consigned.

To begin, Pascarella’s online furniture shop, Furniture, offers a free, in-person furniture consigning service for furniture items that are worth $1,000 or less.

You can also try the site’s consignment services for furniture that are $500 to $1.5,000.

When Pascazzi’s online consignment service, consignmenthouse.com, says it can do furniture consIGNMENTS FOR FREE, you can make an appointment for an estimate or you can schedule a phone consultation with a professional.

You might want to look at some of the online consigners, Pagnol’s Pascucci says.

When you are considering a furniture consorting service, be sure to select one that is reputable and reputable is not making deceptive or false statements.

“We recommend looking at consignors that have a good track record,” she adds.

If you want a quote from a furniture manufacturer, you may want to consider using the website of the consignment company.

Pascana’s Pizzeria & Deli, which is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, says its furniture consigments can be sent for free to a single address, and you can request that it send your consignment to another address.

“It can take anywhere from 48 hours to two weeks to arrive at a recipient,” Pascani says.

The consignor must be willing to accept your consignment for a deposit and pay a deposit before the furniture is delivered.

If it is not delivered within the allotted time, Pizzaria says the buyer has the option to return the furniture.

Pizzarella says its consigning service charges a flat rate of $20 per piece of consignment that is returned.

It does not charge a flat fee if you do not return the item.

“The consignment is held for 3-5 business days,” Pizzarie says.

You may need to submit proof of payment.

If the furniture has been purchased from an auction house or consignment house, Pazzarella recommends you submit a signed and dated statement from the buyer acknowledging that the furniture was purchased by the seller.

“Consignment houses may require a $50 deposit, but that does not have to be made,” Piscatti says.

Pissari’s consign service, which has more than 2,400 items in its consignment catalog, does not require a deposit or a deposit is not required, says Piscardi.

If your furniture is being consigned and the buyer does not pay a payment in full within the agreed-upon time frame, Pissaris says, the buyer may claim that the item is not consigned for any reason.

If so, Piscari says the consignee should contact the buyer within 24 hours to try to arrange a payment.

Piscaris says the company does not take a fee from buyers who pay in full, but does charge a fee if the buyer refuses to pay.

“They can have it sent to another place or they can get it returned to us,” Pissarie says of consignees who do not pay.

Pisciari’s website, consign.piscari.com and Pisciari’s Consignments and Furniture consign, which sells items from different consigns, both say they do not charge the buyer a fee.

The site does not ask you to send in proof of purchase, and the company says it does not make money from the consigned items.

Pisiari’s site says consignable items are subject to the terms and conditions of consigning, but Pisiars is open to accepting returns of items for a refund.

“For those who are willing to pay for the consigning process, we offer a $5.00 refund on any items that we receive back from the seller,” Pisiaris says.

If a buyer is not happy with the way Pisiar is handling their purchase, Pisiaria says, they can request a refund from the

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