When the Clintons were a family business, their political power was unmatched

A new book by the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Bob Woodward tells the story of how the Clintons amassed the wealth and political power that has allowed them to shape history.

The book, “Hush,” is the first in a series on the Clintons.

Woodward was a longtime Washington correspondent for The New York Times and has reported on the presidential campaigns of both Bill Clinton and Joe Biden.

His new book, released on Wednesday, reveals how the Clinton family has operated like a business empire.

The Clintons have been a family for generations.

They were founded on the principle of “family first,” which meant they were “all about the family,” Woodward wrote.

“And they were, by extension, all about the money.”

The Clintons started their political careers as Arkansas farmers who would make deals and buy government grants to build schools and farms.

They would go on to win the presidency in the mid-1970s, when the nation was still recovering from the Watergate scandal and the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

As president, Bill Clinton would continue to build on that foundation, and he built a large family.

Woodward wrote that Bill Clinton’s brother, Robert, was a member of the board of directors of Standard Oil of New Jersey and would later become the governor of Arkansas.

The Clintons’ first son, William, was also a director of the firm.

Bill Clinton was an early supporter of the Democratic Party, and in his early years in politics he was a fierce critic of the Reagan administration.

The Clintons also made large contributions to Democrats and were generous to the Democratic National Committee.

They had a strong financial stake in the party.

Woodward reported in his book that Robert and his wife, Dorothy, would often take a large share of their husband’s campaign donations and would also help the Clintons’ political causes.

As he wrote in the book, Bill and Hillary Clinton were able to make their fortune by “creating a culture of secrecy and privilege.”

Their success as a political family is what has made them so successful, Woodward wrote, because of the Clintons “embracing a culture that believed in and encouraged private wealth, and, more importantly, in the idea that the country’s future depended on its ability to maintain its position as the wealthiest nation on earth.”

Bill and Hillary have made their fortune through a complex web of alliances and relationships, but their personal financial fortunes were always closely held, Woodward said.

They became powerful in the early 1980s by purchasing the land and the buildings for their new home in Arkansas.

They also used their wealth to help build schools, build the Arkansas Highway, and build the Whitewater real estate project, which would become a scandal that has haunted the Clintons for decades.

The Whitewater scandal also involved the Clintons personally and they were also involved in other matters involving Arkansas, including the Arkansas Medical Center, the Clinton Library, and the Clinton Presidential Library.

The Whitewater controversy was also the subject of a book by Woodward.

He called the Whitlam administration “the most corrupt, most corrupt presidency in American history.”

The Clinton White House had a reputation for corruption that stretched from the White House to the Oval Office.

The president was known for taking bribes from powerful businesses and even other government officials, including from an Arkansas liquor store owner named William Jefferson Clinton.

The former president was also accused of paying prostitutes to perform sex acts on the Oval office floor.

The president and his top aides were accused of a range of crimes, including bribery, embezzlement, and perjury.

He also was accused of obstructing justice, which is when an official intentionally withholds evidence or testimony that might be used in a court of law.

The Clinton scandals rocked the American political scene.

Bill and the Clintons have never been prosecuted for any of these charges, but the scandals have continued to haunt the Clintons as they try to rebuild their public image and their personal wealth.

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