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The Amazon, Sears, and Walmart brands all have their own consignment shops.

In some cases, you can find these consignment places in a very limited number of cities, but the consignment store chains can be overwhelming.

For example, Walmart stores in New York City typically have several locations.

The online retailer’s website even has a list of “Consignment Locations” and “Concierge Services.”

But for those who are new to the consigning business, we’ve compiled a list below of the top 20 consignment shopping malls in the country.


Amazon (EBAY) Amazon is a great online destination for people looking to buy a few things, but it also has a strong consignment department that is often full of brands that you’ll want to look at.

The Amazon consignment section is where you’ll find a ton of brands, but if you’re looking for something that you really like, like a certain shoe brand or an item from the popular clothing chain, there are more retailers to choose from.

Amazon offers an extensive selection of popular brands, including Nike, Under Armour, and Puma.

The company also offers several consignment sites, including its Amazon Consignment section and Amazon Consignee.

Amazon also offers an exclusive line of limited edition items, like this vintage-inspired pair of “Sailor Moon” glasses.


Sears (SEMMONS) Sears is a major retailer in the apparel and footwear industries, so it’s no surprise that its online shop is loaded with products that appeal to both men and women.

The retailer offers a large selection of products that are popular with both men’s and women’s buyers.

Its Sears Consignment Section has a vast selection of clothing and accessories, and its Sears Consignees can offer a lot of advice on what items to buy and when to shop for them.

For the most part, Sears is more of a place to shop online than it is in-person, but you can also find consignment services that can help you find the right deals on a wide range of items.


eBay (EBES) eBay is a popular source for shopping consignment merchandise, so there are plenty of retailers that sell everything from vintage clothing to antiques.

eBay’s eBay Consignment is also a great place to look for items that you want to add to your collection.

The eBay site has a large assortment of consignment items, so if you want something special, you should definitely check out the eBay consignment sections.


Amazon Prime (AMZN) Amazon Prime members can get Amazon’s best deals on nearly everything, including items that were only available to members, including toys, apparel, and even books.

Amazon’s Prime memberships offer a variety of perks, like Amazon Prime Video and a special Amazon gift card that’s a great way to get your Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon doesn’t offer a consignment or consignment checkout option, but Amazon’s Amazon Prime Shop offers a huge selection of merchandise from brands that are in-demand.


eBay Prime (EGBE) eBay’s Amazon’s main consignment site is a bit of a confusing place to navigate.

If you’re new to eBay, you might want to check out its eBay Consigners section, which is the place to find consignments that are not on the site itself.

If that doesn’t work, you may be able to use the Amazon’s eBay Buyers section to find items you want, and then click on the “Add to Cart” button to begin your shopping.

If there are any items you can’t find in the eBay Consigning section, eBay may offer to give you a refund.


Sears/Amazon Prime (Sears/AMZY) Both Sears and Amazon’s online consignment departments have a huge variety of items to choose by.

If your main concern is finding great deals, you’ll probably want to head to Sears’ eBay Consigned section.

The consignment retailer has a huge amount of popular items that are also in-stock, but they also have many sellers offering more obscure items that aren’t often available at auction.

Amazon has more consignment options, including consignment opportunities for items like vintage clothing, accessories, books, and more.


eBay Considered (EBIS) eBay considers a lot more than just items on the website, so you should check out eBay’s Considered section.

eBay considers items that might not be available anywhere else.

For instance, eBay considers the type of items you might purchase from Amazon.

The site’s eBayConsidered section has a wide selection of eBay merchandise, and the eBayConsigned section offers even more advice for you to find the perfect item for your budget.


eBay Seller Services (EBS) eBay has a massive online store that