What is high cotton?

This is a guest post by John T. Coyle.

John was born and raised in the town of Savannah, Georgia.

He now lives in the state capital of Augusta, Georgia with his wife, Kristin, and their two sons.

John is the founder of the Savannah Fashion Co., which is the largest clothing company in Georgia.

In addition to clothing, John has been involved in the production of the popular Savannah Malls fashion collection.

John and Kristin are also a part of the design team behind Savannah’s first Fashion Week.

He’s also the creative director of the new Fashion Outlet, Savannah’s premier shopping destination. 

John has been a designer for nearly 25 years.

He started his career at the age of 14 and continued to work on his design throughout his 20s.

He moved into the retail industry in the early 90s and was hired as a creative director at the famed American Eagle Outfitters in the late 2000s.

At that time, John worked at the American Eagle boutique, where he was responsible for design and brand development for more than 2,500 garments.

He later moved to the fashion headquarters at the Center for Fashion Innovation at Georgia Tech.

After leaving the fashion shop, John moved to Los Angeles to work for Vogue.

The next step was to move to New York and open his own clothing boutique.

This was John’s first foray into the fashion industry and his first retail outlet, which he named the Savannah Fabric.

In 2007, John’s business partner, Kristina Knepper, opened the Savannah Fabrics outlet.

The first Savannah Fabric was opened in 2007, but it wasn’t until 2012 that John decided to expand into high cotton apparel. 

When asked what makes high cotton different from other brands, John responded, “High cotton is something that is extremely sustainable.

I think of high cotton as being a product that is very durable and very water-resistant.

We use water as a primary component in our product.

I’m not sure how many people are aware of that, but we use a unique combination of two materials to make it.

It’s very environmentally conscious.” 

John said he chose to focus on high cotton because of the opportunity it presents for retailers and designers.

He added that he believes that high cotton can be a trendsetter because of its ability to make a statement and inspire a conversation. 

In addition to high cotton, Savannah Fabric offers a variety of accessories and apparel for men and women.

The clothing can be tailored to individual tastes.

For example, the men’s and women’s apparel line features denim, corduroy, wool and cotton blends for men, as well as linen, wool, polyester and suede for women. 

The company also offers a wide selection of high-quality clothing and accessories for children and teens. 

For more information on Savannah Fabric, visit www.sascolifoundation.com.