Shopping at the Canadian Tire store: New leaf consignments and a new home office consignment

A new home-office consignment of Canada Tire products has been launched in the Toronto neighbourhood of St. Paul’s.

The consignment was unveiled Thursday at the end of a week of news about the company’s expansion plans.

The consignment will contain Canada Tire’s products from the first 10 years of its existence, as well as new products, including an entire new line of tires.

Canada Tire is the only retailer to offer a home-and-home consignment service.

Its brand-new consignment shop opened in Toronto in March.

“Our mission is to offer consumers a more flexible shopping experience,” said Paul Johnson, Canada Tire vice-president of retail.

“As the retailer of choice for all types of consumers, Canada will continue to be the leading home- and home-based retail provider.”

The new shop will be located at 2116 College St. The new shop, which opened in March, has more than 1,000 items and is staffed with staff from Canada Tire stores across the country.

The store also carries products from several other Canadian Tire brands, including the Coachella Valley and the Pacific Northwest.

The Canada Tire store has more new products in stock than any other store in Toronto.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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