How to sell a consignment of Kellie Kelly’s furniture in Cork

The Cork-born American artist, who was born in Chicago but now lives in Dublin, has been selling pieces to the public at auctions and consignment houses around the country.

But there was a major problem with her new shop in Cork.

It was so small that it was practically unusable.

It was the first time I had to tell anyone that there was nothing left to sell.

I didn’t know if I could sell it.

She said: ‘Oh my God, it was so much stuff.’

I was like ‘Oh no, no, I can’t sell it’.

She sold it for €2,500 and gave it to the family of the person who had bought it for me.

The person who bought it told me it had to be saved.

I thought that was so amazing that they had saved it for someone else.

I went back to the store a few days later, and the people who had been looking at it said ‘Oh yeah, that’s perfect’.

They said they had bought this from a person in New York who had just moved there from New York.

So I went in and gave them a little bit of my work and said ‘I want to give this to you.’

They said ‘No, no we don’t have anything.

We can’t do that’.

They gave it back to me.

But the last thing they gave me was the box.

It had a note from the auction house saying that they didn’t have it.

I was so angry.

I went back the next day and I was walking down the street, and I went into a building, and a woman was sitting on the floor of a room and she was crying.

I walked up to her and said, ‘Can I come inside?’

She said ‘Yes, I don’t want to go outside’.

I told her I was sorry.

I said ‘If I can help you with anything, I would like you to come back and take the box out of the box and put it in your bag.’

She was very happy that I had come to her.

She was crying a lot and said: I’ve been looking for you for five years and I can only find you on eBay and here.

I’ve had so many people come up to me saying ‘Can you do me a favour?’ and I told them ‘No thank you’.

It’s just a small thing, but she was so happy.

I just hope she’ll get it back and she’s happy.’

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