When Sports Consignment Stores Close, How They Could Help Us

With the end of the NFL season and the opening of the 2016-17 college basketball season, there are many opportunities for sports consignments to close and for sports companies to sell their inventory.

One such opportunity is with the demise of Still Goode.

The company was acquired by the Cleveland Browns in 2016 and was known for its quality sports consigning and retail sales and marketing capabilities.

Still Goodes website was closed in 2016 after more than a decade of operation. 

After Still Good, the company focused on selling sports products.

Now that the NFL and NBA are gone, Still Good’s products will be used by teams. 

Still Goodes most notable sports consigned product is the “Walking Stick.” 

Its a $100 walker that has the ability to move your feet on both ends.

Its a great accessory for athletes and the casual fan. 

Its the kind of product that helps sports teams and athletes to sell the product, and make the team more appealing to their fans. 

So what does the future hold for Still Good? 

The company has three sports consorting products that are currently on sale. 

They are the “New York Yankees” and “Stadium” (sold at least through 2018), the “New Orleans Saints” and “New England Patriots” at a discount of $50 ($70 for one of the two), and the “Seattle Seahawks” ($80). 

So the question is, how much will Still Goods sales of its products decline if the NFL, NBA, and the NFLA start to close their stores? 

At the time of writing, the stock is trading at $0.23 per share.

That is a significant decline from its $1.17 per share price on February 25, 2016. 

As a result, the current market cap of Still Goes products is $2.2 billion.

The company is currently in the process of negotiating with retailers to sell its products. 

That means that the company may close stores as early as March 4, 2020. 

The stock price has increased since that time, and now trades at $2 per share with a market cap above $10 billion.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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