How to deal with a shoe consignment shop

Sneaker consignments are a great way to get a new pair of shoes for a fraction of what you might pay for them.

Here are a few tips on how to make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk.1.

Get a receipt2.

Read the instructions3.

Look for any special terms like special handling or delivery requirements.4.

Ask for pictures of the shoes you are buying5.

Ask if the shoes are custom-made or from a third-party6.

Look at the pictures of what the shoes look like7.

Keep an eye on the box labels and instructions8.

If you do get a receipt, be sure to get the photo of the box you received it from9.

Read what the consignment company is charging you and make sure they are accurate10.

If the consignor does not send you a receipt or a picture of the boxes they are sending you, contact them for more information11.

Make sure to use a copy of the letter from the consigning company that states the terms and conditions.12.

Make a note of the name of the consigned shoemaker you are dealing with13.

Call the number listed on the receipt, and ask if the consigltion company can send you their own copy of your receipt14.

Get copies of the receipts for your personal information.

This includes your Social Security number and driver’s license15.

Check the box marked “not for resale.”

If the box is checked, you will not be able to sell the shoes, but the consigger can resell the shoes.16.

Look through the pictures on the consige box and if they have any markings or logos, mark them with your own17.

Check if the box states “shoe only.”18.

Look into the description and/or picture of your shoes19.

Check out the shoe consignee and see if they can help you.20.

Contact the consagioner directly to find out if there is a warranty or service warranty they offer.21.

Check with your local shoe consiglier22.

Check online for shoe consige listing23.

Be aware that a consignment store is a different retailer than the consiglioner they are selling to.

If it is not listed on a consigner’s website, the consagent is not a licensed consigning dealer.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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