Why I lost $50,000 in the store where I was a kid and found the biggest bargain

Consignment consignment store finds bigger haul for the lucky buyer | NFL News item RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif.

— It was the start of the shopping season for some kids who were growing up in the middle of nowhere.

The store had no cash register, and all the children were expected to collect their things and leave the store with their parents.

That was the scenario that led to a $50 million loss for the children who found themselves in a new consignment consignments store that had only two cash registers and a $2.50 shipping charge.

They spent the holidays in a consignment stores limbo, waiting for their stuff to be picked up by a courier and their Christmas presents to arrive.

They said they were told it was just the consignment shop and nothing else, and that they would get the $50k back if they filled out a form and submitted it to the store.

But on Monday, the kids who lost the money realized they had been wrong.

They called the store to say they’d been misled.

The children were told that if they paid their $50 to the clerk who delivered the package, they’d get the money back in full.

So the kids walked out of the store in tears.

It wasn’t just the kids.

The owner of the shop and his employees said the consignor lied to them.

The kids have filed a class-action lawsuit against the consigning consignment company, Converse, Conte, L Brands and Converse-owned Converse Consignment.

They claim they were deceived, misled and victimized.

Converse spokesman Tim Anderson said the company takes all claims of consumer fraud very seriously.

We will always be transparent about what our customers are paying for, Anderson said.

We will continue to work with the customers to ensure they get the best possible consignment experience.

We take this allegation very seriously and we will vigorously defend against it.

The company has already refunded all of the kids money, Anderson added.

We are working with the families to ensure their consignment shopping experience goes smoothly.

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